Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness

Wellness Incentives

Wellness Incentives should be the Driving Force of Your Health Plan!

Incentive definitionThe days of optional wellness with gift cards for attending a lunch and learn are fading rapidly as both law and common sense favor employee ownership of their health. While Lifesigns accomodates participation-based programs, the momentum belongs to results-based models, perhaps incorporating progress-based incentives as well. Employers finally have the tools to accomplish two major goals: save health cost outlays for the company in the short term while at the same time allowing their employees to create their own health improvement program. Employers save money. Employees achieve lower premiums over time. This is a powerful concept, as long as rewards for the healthy are coupled with meaningful health improvement for employees at risk.

That is where Lifesigns stands out amongst the crowd. With a 20-year history of health improvement and a major investment in information infrastructure, it has been a logical step to create our Wellness Division to provide turnkey solutions for incentive programs. Our integrated health portal with its health reports and charting, our Scoreboard for secure payroll reporting and presentation of status and rewards to participants, our clinics, tools and apps for health improvement – no one can match our powerful blend of health care and wellness.

Our four steps are straightforward:

  • Plan your incentives
  • Communicate effectively with your employees
  • Complete a quality health screening
  • Introduce health improvement tools