Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness

Benefits Brokers and Consultants

Opportunities for Brokers in a Changing Market

Given the fact that lifestyle choices drive 70% of America's health care costs, there is general recognition that wellness and prevention are the future. But which strategy will bring the greatest value? Which platform can be leveraged the most effectively to touch the greatest number of companies and thus the greatest number of individual lives? Insurance Broker

Lifesigns can provide a full turn-key solution or simply fill in missing pieces. From plan design to the compliant administration of appeals and "reasonable alternatives", Lifesigns can deliver from both a wellness perspective and a health care framework. Programs from Lifesigns can help your clients reduce their overall healthcare expenses at the same time.

Through Wellness from Lifesigns, we help your clients assess employee risks, provide efficient solutions for wellness incentives management and encourage at-risk employees to engage with primary care. Because it's a stand-alone program that employees access through a single electronic health platform, their health privacy is protected. Plus it's portable for employers in the event of a health plan change. Pricing is offered at different group sizes (50-99, 100-999 and 1,000+).

Perhaps the best thing about Wellness from Lifesigns is that we do all the work, including:

  • Professional support when designing and implementing a program
  • Easy administration and reporting
  • Timely customer service from a local representative