Prevention Group: From Clinics to Worksite Wellness


History of Lifesigns/Lifesigns

Three Physicians
Established in 1992, Lifesigns is a patient-centered facility that looks to provide the most comprehensive physical exams and critical follow-up care to each one of our patients. Over the years, Lifesigns has provided over 300,000 health and wellness exams to our patients. With the addition of HealthyHere in 2016, the full portfolio of Lifesigns and HealthyHere has established itself as a healthcare partner that can address the needs of companies and patients in ways that no other healthcare provider can. Whether companies would like the convenience provided by HealthyHere mobile units, the comprehensiveness of the Lifesigns clinic, or would prefer that we manage and oversee their own worksite clinic, Lifesigns is structured in a way to meet the needs of almost any company and to provide the best service to their employees and our patients.

At the core of Lifesigns, we are focused on preventive medicine and making a positive difference in our patients lives. We look to meet our patients where they are currently, assess their current medical conditions, and help them to address any findings so that they can live happy and healthy lives. As a result, many companies have decided to partner with us and either promote Lifesigns to their employees and/or offer the HealthyHere mobile vans at their work place to provide onsite physicals for their employees. In addition, Lifesigns works with companies who care about their employees and who are looking to encourage healthy lifestyles by offering our wellness division to provide management and oversite for incentive-based wellness programs that are sponsored by the companies.